New Windows installer for PHP 5.2

One of the cool new things for PHP users on Windows in the upcoming version 5.2 would be a brand new installer. It was created by John Mertic and the preview can be downloaded and tested. Feedback on how well it works is of course very welcome.


Zend propaganda (who is Spartacus)

Here we go again. C|NET news brings an interview with Andi Gutmans which is full of quotes like this:
One partner is Yahoo, which is helping Zend with version 6 of PHP, Gutmans said.
Yahoo helping Zend with PHP 6? Sounds like PHP 6 is a Zend product, doesn't it? The fact is that of more than 100 Zend employees only a couple (on a good day) spend a part of their work day developing PHP 6.

I understand that the marketing machine needs catchy phrases like that but Zend should also be careful about not alienating the PHP community, the main workhorse behind the PHP development. Having articles likes this published time and time again does nothing to improve Zend's standing within the OSS community.

New MySQL client libs in PHP 5.2

We were bundling MySQL 4.1.7 client library with PHP 5 releases up to 5.1.4 on Windows, so it was about time to upgrade to newer version.

PHP version 5.2.0 will contain MySQL client library version 5.0.22.

It is interesting that MySQL claims that you should matching version of your server and the client. Of course this is very impractical, and hopefully not really needed. See MySQL's PHP connectors page for details.

This upgrade sould also help resolve some outstanding PDO bugs.

You can test all this in practice by dow


PHP 4.4 for windows with newer MySQL libraries

Many people still use PHP 4 on windows and have a problem in that it comes with ancient 3.x MySQL client library. Since the main PHP 4 distribution cannot be updated with the latest MySQL libs for various reasons, I will provide downloads of the latest PHP 4 with the latest MySQL libs.

Download: php-4.4.3RC3-dev-w-mysql-5.0.22.zip

The archive contains two files. Both of these files should be dropped in your existing php-4.4 install folder overwritting php4ts.dll and adding libmysql.dll.


Don't buy 3ware SATA RAID cards

They suck. If you have stumbled on this rant via some search engine let me tell you, there is no fix for its performance problems. Junk the card or try to lear to live with it.

I was unfortunate not to do proper research when I ordered 3ware 8506-4LP card last year. I had nothing but trouble since. It takes forever to initialize so if you want say RAID-10 over 4 250 GB disk it would take about half a day. To be fair you can still work with the array, but the performance is going to suffer. I guess I was spoiled by 1 hour array rebuild with IBM ServRaid SCSI RAID controllers.

The worst thing about 3ware cards is catastrophic write perfomance. I could not get the card to write more than 6 MB/s. To add insult to injury just copying files from one dir to another would take the system load to 2. Many people have reported similar issues, its all over the web. 3ware people seem to blame everyone else but their poor design.


PHP 4.4.3RC2 released

Derick Rethans has announced the release of PHP 4.4.3RC2. Both source and windows binary distributions are available. Users of PHP4 should probably test this one carefully since PHP-4.4.3 might end up being the final PHP4 version.