PECL4WIN adds whole branch dowloads

Several people have mailed me asking if it was possible to download all Pecl4Win extensions for a given branch at once. Now that is possible from the branches page of the Pecl4Win site.

The code was implemented using the new zip extension that has just been promoted to beta. I really liked its OO interface, check it out.


PHP 5.2 support on PECL4WIN

For those that don't know Pecl4Win site provides PHP users on the Windows platform the opportunity do download precompiled PECL extensions.

So far Pecl4Win supported PHP version 4.3.x, 4.4.x, 5.0.x, 5.1.x and 6.0.x. From now on, the site will compile PECL extensions that are compatible with the upcoming PHP 5.2.0 too.

Developers might benefit from compilation logs that can explain why some PECL extension does't compile on Windows, etc.


PHP 4.4.3 for Windows with 5.0.22 MySQL libraries

After the final release of PHP 4.4.3 here are the Windows binaries for those who need PHP compiled against newer version of MySQL libs.

Download: php-4.4.3-w-mysql-5.0.22.zip

The archive contains two files. Both of these files should be dropped in your existing php-4.4.3 install folder overwritting php4ts.dll and adding libmysql.dll.


Winning the hearts and minds of the world...

...one atrocity at a time.

(Satellite photos of Beirut before and after the Israeli bombing campaign. Photos by AP)