About Edin

Edin is software engineer living near Copenhagen, Denmark.

Born on September 4, 1970 in Prijepolje in what was then Yugoslavia. Prijepolje is located at the junction of three former Yugoslav republics, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.

After graduating from high school in Prijepolje in 1989 he moves to Belgrade, Serbia to study Electrical Engineering. His studies got interrupted in 1991 when hostilities broke out between the former Yugoslav republics and the war forced him to leave the country.

After arrival in Denmark in December of 1991 and after expiry of his tourist visa Edin applies for refugee status. The next 4 years were spent in the refugee camps around Copenhagen, without right to work, to education and with weekly income of 25€ (yes, 1992-1995 I had income of twenty-five euro a week while living in Denmark and paying Danish prices for things).

During his time in harsh conditions of a refugee camp and without access to computers, Edin passes time by organizing courses and basic computer training for his fellow refugees. In 1993 the Danish Red Cross donates some equipment to a refugee camp in Helsingør where Edin start volunteering as teacher. It is during this time that he writes several articles that get published in respected daily "Information".

After getting granted refugee status and getting residence permit in 1995, Edin enrolls into Advanced Computer Studies program of the Niels Brock, Copenhagen Business College. His final assignment leads him to a project done at Proventum A/S which in 1999 was still depending on legacy IRIX and SCO Unix systems. Edin was hired straight from the college and continued to work at Proventum where he was instrumental in changing the tools and the platform used. A move from IRIX/Oracle/C++/FastTrack web platform to Linux/Postgres/PHP/Apache opensource one. During this time he becomes a contributor to the PHP project where he adds features like command line interface and embedding libraries.

In 2003 Edin with his colleague Michael Olsen founded Emini A/S, a software development firm where he serves as CTO. Emini builds a successful business in areas of software development for computer retail industry and for the emerging market of temp workforce and agencies that offer temps for hire. Due to health issues Edin is forced to resign in 2007 and sell his share of the company to the other co-founders.

He spends the next two years (2008-2009) administering high performance computing cluster at the Faculty of Life Sciences of the Copenhagen University. Primary use of the computing cluster was to assist in the genetics research at the faculty and provide a platform for bioinformatics research. To his big regret he is unable to continue this very exciting work in a very friendly environment due to his failing health.